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We’ve seen many Android TV boxes for which claim to offer ‘all of the sports channels’, subscription free. We can’t comment on the reliability or the legality of these devices as we’ve not yet got our hands on any of them, but in our experience, if it walks like a duck…

Glad you got Netflix working with Unlocator – I think it is getting more and more difficult to access even with them. Where it used to always work for me, it nows fails most of the time if I just set upt he DNS. I haven’t gone through the complete guide blocking ports on my router though. Unlocator is your best chance for Netflix – but it may no longer be problem free.

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A lot of Android boxes use yesterday’s processing capabilities to keep their prices low, especially since they’re primarily uni-taskers, only needing to run one operation at a time. Still, 4K demands a lot of processing power, and a box outfitted to smoothly stream up to 1080 only will be obsolete faster than one equipped to handle the 4K revolution.

Your point about replacing the 17 channels that you actually use is well -taken. So for us it would be the main networks, the basic cable movie channels like TMC, TNT, TBS, FX, USA, A&E and AMC, and the HBO channels. Plus, as I said, we stream Netflix & Amazon Prime through our Panasonic DVD player. So far I haven’t found a streamer box that hits all those, but perhaps you know of one.

Hi. I’m new to the TV BOX. I’m so glad I came upon this site. Could you please tell me the difference between the TV Box T95m from icoolgadgets and the Tic Box? Arts they dependable? Thanks for your help. .

It’s important, too, that Raspberry Pi keep building on its success. No shortage of micro-computer competitors have sprung up in the years since the original Pi’s introduction, some of which, like the Arduino 101, have already either promised or delivered an advanced feature set. And for three or four times the price of a Pi 3, consumers can opt for a “PC on a Stick” dongle, like Lenovo’s Ideacentre Stick or Intel’s Compute Stick, that offers the convenience of a dongle form factor, and the ability to plug directly into a monitor.

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It lets anyone, however well known they are (or not), whatever the quality of their content and wherever they hail from, upload their weird and wonderful videos for anyone around the world to watch at their convenience. The beauty of YouTube is that in the blink of an eye it’s taken the broadcasting power from the bigwigs and placed it right in our hands.

All in all, this is a great investment. To put it bluntly, each one of these boxes sold equals another middle finger given to cable companies for overcharging for commercials and shows nobody wants to watch.

We tested all the top movie and TV streaming services to determine the best for most people. We compared streaming selection, monthly price, whether it is commercial-free, and the user experience for each service. After our testing, we recommend Netflix as the best streaming service for most people. It has a great selection of past TV shows and movies, and a growing library of excellent original content. Netflix is available on almost any device that connects to the internet, and it has some of the fastest and best customer service of all the services we tested.    


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    Powering up the device, you will first encounter the “Welcome” screen. Click the “next” button, and you’ll be taken to the language selection screen. Select your preferred language and click the “next” button again. You will then be allowed to select the size of your screen by clicking on the + or – buttons. Customize the screen to your liking. When you’re finished click the “next” button. You’ll then be given the option to connect to the internet using WI-FI or Ethernet. We’re currently using an Ethernet connection, but in the case of using WI-FI; you will need to enter your password and WI-FI settings. These settings can often be found on the back of your router. Once completed, select the “finish” button. The final screen allows you to select which launcher you prefer.
    Leaving the Google Store, there are a few other useful apps found on the Apps shelf. A TV Guide app, for instance, provides a more interactive and ‘cross-fertilising’ electronic programme guide than the standard broadcast one, while photo sharing ad screen mirroring apps make it fairly easy to set up Bluetooth connections with external Android and iOS devices for sharing photos to your TV’s screen. Even with accompanying music if you so desire.
    The Here One buds will cost $299 when they ship in November. This company’s never been short on ambition or confidence: Doppler calls them “the last thing you’ll ever put in your ears.” (Sorry, Q-tips.) The Here Ones are, at the simplest level, a set of wireless headphones. They can stream music, take calls, interact with Siri and Google Now, and the like. Normally I wouldn’t spell these things out for a pair of headphones, but Doppler’s previous Here buds couldn’t do those things. What they could do, and what the Here One buds supposedly do even better, is let you filter and change the noise of the real world. Using the companion app, you can change frequency response, tune out things like baby screams and train screeches, or turn up the volume of the people in front of you. There are multiple directional mics inside the Here One buds, so the sound editing becomes even more powerful.

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