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Such devices have actually been around for quite a while (as have jailbroken Apple TVs), but only over the last few years have they started to attract a mass following, so much so that the major cable companies in Canada have taken significant legal action to stop the sale of loaded Internet TV boxes.

3. Wow. I haven’t heard of them before, but they have all the makings of a company just trying to make a quick sale. The entire medialaunch.tv site is geared to hype up all of the stuff that the box can do, without mentioning anything about the box itself. There’s no specs. No model name. No way to get any more details. The $149 price isn’t bad, I’ll give them that. But without knowing what box you’re getting, you have no idea if this is a good deal or not.

In many cases, you’ll find ads that direct you to retail outlets that sell loaded boxes in shopping centres around the city. It might sound a touch shady, but buying in person from a store gives you some security that the box you’ve bought works and is programmed correctly.

The boxes can be classed as disruptive technology; a disruptive technology is where a new technology comes along and shakes up an industry, the industry in question here are the cable or satellite companies.

It is built perfectly considering all the aesthetic considerations, which makes the product more sleeker and streamlined in comparison with its predecessor products. The product is actually made up of glossy black plastic body. It also carries a small ‘G’ indicating Google engraved on it, which depicts that it is ‘Made by Google’.

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Really, this should have become a standard a long time ago. According to Reuters, this surfer shelled out $390 to attach a device to his board that emits “an electronic force field that overpowers [sharks’] sensing organs.” Sounds like the best $390 he ever spent. There are couple of retailers installing these devices, including SurfSafe and SharkShield—check out this video from the former showing you how its done.

Hi Tim, I probably should have read your tutorial on android boxes before I sent you this last message. Sorry about that. I want to buy this Minix box you spoke about in your review. You mentioned checking it out on Amazon, which I did. It reads as follows:

It supports all the major applications from which we can easily stream your favorite shows and movies. Whether it is Amazon, Netflix, YouTube or Hulu all kind of applications are easy to install and apply. Setup of this unit also consists of an easy to use remote. It is very much easy for us to find the content and access the features with this remote.

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Whatever Elsewhere does, the effect is pretty cool. I sat in the lobby of a fancy San Francisco hotel looking around slack-jawed. You can adjust the contrast of the image with a swipe of your finger, which makes the field of depth more or less pronounced. You can zoom, which can make you feel either like you’re surrounded by a video (that’s when it feels most like VR) or that you’re Eleven in Stranger Things, standing in the dark nothingness of the Upside Down, looking at something miles away. At one point Li showed us a YouTube video, on a MacBook, which we watched through our iPhone cameras, and viewed through the Elsewhere headset. The depth effect still worked.


  1. Lorna Cotton

    So blares an online advertisement for fully-loaded Android boxes that let people stream content, including live sports, without paying for cable packages or online streaming services. The devices use open source software called Kodi that’ are legal, but third-party add-ons that make it easy to watch pirated videos push these $100 boxes into a legal grey zone.
    Basically, any device that can access online services (like Netflix) and stream content directly to your TV is a media streamer. Look at it as a device that adds smart functionality to a TV. It performs the same function as a smart TV, while often providing access to a lot more content. Some media streamers even have a web browser so you can surf the net directly on your TV.
    Otherwise, the Fire HD 8 is just another middling tablet. It comes in four colors, and Amazon’s selling protective cases in the same colors. Its specs are…fine. 1280 x 800 display: fine, not great. Quad-core processor: probably enough for what you’re up to. 12 hour battery: great! The camera won’t change your life, and neither will Amazon’s still-weird take on Android. But if you’re a reader, or a viewer, and especially if you’re a Prime member, every Fire tablet is a treasure trove of stuff to check out.
    VMedia provides innovative TV, High Speed Internet and Home Phone services – offering more choice and flexibility, exciting features and lower prices than the major players. VMedia’s unique set-top box , the VBox, powers both TV channels and the world of internet content on your TV, with easy access to 100’s of apps in movies, music, games, social media, multicultural channels and much more. VMedia brings together live TV, Cloud PVR, internet content and social media in one seamless user interface, one set top box, and one remote or keyboard, delivering a whole new experience in home entertainment and enjoyment.
    “When it comes to cord cutters, cord shavers or cord nevers, the core issue is the lack of a TV offering that meets the customers’ needs, which is why we are committed to offering our customers as much choice as possible,” Telus Corp. spokesman Richard Gilhooley said in an email.

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