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UBOXN HD Android IPTV BOX 4k wifi Receiver without dish. 1- جهاز UBOXN Android IPTV BOX. MP3 /WMA / AAC/ WAV/ OGG/ AC3/ DDP/ True HD/ DTS/ DTS- HD/ FLAC/ APE. It works by connecting the device to the …

When you buy this product, you get everything you need to stream high-quality videos to your TV. It comes with an IR remote and an HDMI cable. You can buy a USB keyboard and even connect a wireless mouse with this device for easy operation.

Over 55 channels in total – all the major Canadian and US networks – TVA, V, Radio Canada, RDI, CTV, CBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, PBS, plus 33 specialty channels you want to watch – including TVA Sport, TVA Sport 2, RDS Info, ARTV, Canal Vie, Évasion, Explora (coming soon), Vrak, Disney Jr, MuchMusic, Télé Québec, and more. Channels are all HD where HD available. All the top shows and series – get ready to enjoy!

The reign of cable television is under threat from all sides, from the rise of iTunes to the ubiquity of Netflix to the latest development, internet TV boxes that provide live streaming as well as thousands of movies and television shows all for free.

Kodi is not pre-installed so you just have to install it from the Play Store. Because this is a rooted device, you can’t download Netflix directly from the Play Store. I downloaded Netflix from a APK mirror and a few days after logging in to it, my account was hacked (someone logged in to change my e-mail, password and subscription). Maybe my login was found another way but there’s a K-Addons APK it says to download (from the Browser app) so you can install various Kodi addons. I changed my Netflix login, did a full factory reset on the Android box and since re-installing Netflix (plus not downloading the K-Addons APK) it hasn’t been hacked.

If you’ve got an Android app or game, Android TV can bring it to your users in their living room. Android TV apps use the same architecture as those for phones and tablets. This approach means you can build new TV apps based on what you already know about building apps for Android, or extend your existing apps to also run on TV devices.

2. This may seem like a strange answer coming from a guy running an Android site, but probably, yes. I’m a big fan of having things work well together. Personally, I don’t like Apple products. But, if you’re heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, it’s really nice to have all of your devices play well with each other. You can certainly get an Android box and happily use it, but definitely take a look at what you’ll be giving up as the trade-off.

The first thing you want to do is sign up to a VPN service. We recommend using IPVanish and all of our TV boxes comes with the Android app pre-installed. All you need to do is create an IPVanish account then use the username and password that you created when you set up your IPVanish account. By using a VPN you will keep your online activity private. You will also be able to use IPVanish on another 4 other devices at the same time.

In Canada, we are paying for some of the highest internets in the world. For the best quality, you need a good bandwidth speed. The cost for some people that are dropping cable in favor of streaming media. Can be nominal as the cost of internet only with a with a decent bandwidth can cost still over $100 per month. Not to mention subscription fees on the various providers you sign up with.

Hi Julia. Great questions. Price is -usually- a factor, BUT, and this is a BIG but, there are a lot of scammy sellers out there who will try to sell you a $30 box for $300. My advice is to only buy your TV box from a reputable dealer like Amazon, GeekBuying, GearBest – basically any of the larger companies that sell a broad range of models. If anything goes wrong, you have a solid return policy to fall back on. Its a win-win for you.

I didn’t know this problem existed for Bell customers Scott thanks. I am sort of a Bell customer, but in the Atlantic Canada region so I think things are different for us here. I wish I could be of more assistance to you on this but you’ve reached the limits of my expertise on this one. I hope someone else will chime in to help guide you.

Typing in the term permissions, you’ll notice that the search bar has already brought up App Permissions as a typical result. Clicking this once and then again at the top of the screen will bring you to a section where you can set all the permissions of your device. The installed applications, as well as apps you may download in the future, will need permission to run efficiently. We recommend that you allow permission to all basic installed apps that come with your TV box to start. Any third-party applications that are downloaded later will need you to agree to verification before they will be allowed to operate correctly on your device.Navigating to the calendar section we will turn on permissions so that these apps will have free use of the calendar function. Next, we’ll turn on the permission for the apps, shown here, to use the camera function. We’ll do the same for each function located within the App Permissions section.

I have been using a cordless mouse and one remote for the amplifier, to control the sound volume and mute commercials 🙂 ..and actually another remote to turn the TV on, since I’ve never got around to integrating the two remotes.

The smart TV box system is simple, it’s easy and quickly to set up, even my mom knows how to use it. The smart Tv box could watch many movies and TV show. It come with mini keyboard, which is convenient and practical. It’s more interesting when I watch my son plays game. In the end, the tv box has become popular in my family members

Roman is confident that because Google knows so much about your online life, Play Music can at least be right a lot more than it’s wrong. That could mean finally combining the simplicity and just-press-play nature of the radio with your own music taste. And doing it not once a week, or every morning, but every second of every day. Because everyone’s life could use an epic soundtrack.

It also tried its hand with the Nexus Q, which didn’t even end up shipping in the end. Admittedly, it was more of a curio for developers to tinker with, but for many it represented another failed attempt for Google to break into living rooms. 

In the next step, you have to connect the setup with the electrical connection. This will serve as the power source for the TV.Now, you need to switch ON the WiFi for connecting the Android TV Box with the internet. This will allow us to stream movies and our favorite shows on the TV.

From my last two android stks to the Abox what a change. Has everything you need in a small package. Love that I can turn off the system now instead of having to unplug it. One note take time with the remote, there’s lots of little tricks to learn. Oh and remember to have batteries ready for the remote 2x AAA. Best sub 100$ android box so far. Best loved update is now my Bluetooth speakers work with it. Specs are great for this box. For an inexpensive android box you can’t go wrong with the Android 7.1 TV BOX, from GooBang Doo, ABOX A1 MAX.

Sophia Harris has worked as a CBC video journalist across the country, covering everything from the start of the annual lobster fishery in Yarmouth, N.S., to farming in Saskatchewan. She now has found a good home at the business unit in Toronto where she produces for national TV news and writes and shoots and edits video for CBC.ca. Twitter:

The number of slots found in this appliance are quite less in number. Although, it comes up with an HDMI Port, a Headphone Jack, a Power Adapter Port and one and only USB 2.0 Port. But, there is not any kind of port for Micro SD or USB-C slot, thus there isn’t any playing off of a battery pack.

Alas, acquiring miniature and oversized objects isn’t as easy as walking into a store and heading to the “giant” or “tiny” section. Luckily, there are dedicated online outlets for each of these retail needs.

I would like to cut Shaw satellite off, switch home phone to VOIP, and go with a skinny Internet TV package ( to supplement our Netflix on Roku) , saving a lot of money every month. Can this be done with my lousy download speeds? Do you have any recommendations for an Internet TV provider in Ontario? I have seen Vmedia, and Zazeen for TV. I only have 1 TV ,Roku ,both e-cabled,and the iPad (wifi) to connect. far the Roku has run well except when it rains and the 1950’s Bell technology at the closest hub (1 mile away) goes screwy.

Setup of the Matricom’s New G-Box Q3 Streaming HD Device at our home is extremely simpler. All we have to do is to connect it with the Smart TV at your home. For serving the purpose, setup of this unit constitutes a HDMI Port along with a HDMI Cable.

My Apple TV is a few years old, will it still work or am I better off to get GooBang Doo First Generation XB-I Quad Core Android TV Box 2GB RAM 16GB ROM + 4335 Wifi Module(Support 802.11AC) + Newest Kodi with All Preloaded Add-ons?

As for Alexa, she’s a real movie buff, and we found ourselves turning to her more than we thought. Being able to use voice search to accurately pull up stuff you want to watch is a much nicer experience than wrestling with an on-screen keyboard. That addition here helps to give the Amazon Fire TV Stick a real edge over many of its rivals.

Sure it’s relatively expensive, but the do-it-all Shield belongs in the same conversation with other top-tier streamers. And if you can use its myriad other gaming, file-sharing and similarly geeky functions, it could be worth the extra money.

A lot of Storage Space: This box provides us with a lot of storage space. Apart from the inbuilt flash memory of 8 GB, we are also having an option of expanding the memory up to 64 GB with the help of an external memory card. Therefore, we can easily record and store and watch our favorite shows and movies whenever we wish to.

1. Speeds may vary with internet traffic, server gateway/router, computer (quality, location in the home, software and applications installed), home wiring, home network or other factors. See the Acceptable Use Policy at rogers.com/terms.


  1. Lorna Cotton

    I’m not sure if the problem is with CTV and CBC or not. The History Channel seems to run ok. And YouTube runs ok. So, will have to look further, I guess. Maybe I should take the laptop for a much-needed cleaning out of the junk.
    My Digihome 32″ smart TV is with Dongle and I can connect my Internet. On the panel when I click onto google for search I can get the list but when I open the local radio the radio page appears as usual like on tablet but it doesn’t play the radio stream neither I can download any thing. What is wrong either the Dongle is weak or what?
    According to documents obtained exclusively by The Verge, Google is about to launch a renewed assault on your television set called Android TV. Major video app providers are building for the platform right now. Android TV may sound like a semantic difference — after all, Google TV was based on Android — but it’s something very different. Android TV is no longer a crazy attempt to turn your TV into a bigger, more powerful smartphone. “Android TV is an entertainment interface, not a computing platform,” writes Google. “It’s all about finding and enjoying content with the least amount of friction.” It will be “cinematic, fun, fluid, and fast.”
    I just bought a Roku today in southern Ontario hoping this would be a way to get rid of cable. Unfortunately, it would be wonderful for movie watchers, but I can’t see that it replaces any of the channels my husband watches. He likes his sports and BNN, and I don’t see any replacements for that. Re the sports, we got NHL for free, and I understand it allows him to watch any hockey games even if they would be blacked out in our area. But he said, hockey’s almost over, what about baseball, and I couldn’t find any baseball channels for him. So if you’re looking for specific channels, Roku doesn’t do it.

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