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As our phones come to contain our personalities, a good case becomes all the more important. Not only does it keep your phone from shattering on the sidewalk and taking all your memories and plans with it, it turns your phone into something that looks and feels more unique. More personal. More you.

The 4K signals take up a lot of bandwidth to the tune of around 10 GB per second. Although, HDMI 1.4 has that capacity. But it usually pressurizes the limits of the technology. HDMI 2.0 will increase its capacity to a maximum of 18 GB per second. It is enough for 4K Ultra HD at 60fps.

SMART DVD and Blu-Ray players often use the exact same display format as their counterparts, the SMART TVs, so can be a cheaper option than buying a brand new SMART TV. It’s also worth noting these players can have three devices rolled into one: SMART TV, DVD/Blu-Ray and Media Player.

February 2013 saw its first online premiere, of 666 Park Avenue, the day before its linear TV broadcast on ITV2, though in future it will charge for that service. ITV also charges for shows older than seven days from their initial broadcast – typically around 69p – as well as older archive content, though it does have a habit of populating the ‘recommended’ section exclusively with pay-for content.

You can set up to 10 keywords to be running at any given time, with the TV automatically searching the TV listings and YouTube for any shows that have something to do with those words and presenting the results on dedicated keywords shelves further down the Discovery system’s roster.

A set-top box or digital video recorder (DVR) provided by the cable or satellite company or an independent party like TiVo, which has Internet capabilities in addition to its primary function of receiving and recording programming from the non-Internet cable or satellite connection

The Google Chromecast Ultra Android TV Box is 2.3 inch wide, 1/2 inch thick and a black plastic disc. This small circular product comes up with a short HDMI Cable which is magnetically attached with the back.

Great article. You should also know that Sony Pictures Television has a streaming app called CRACKLE that is 100% free (limited ad supported model) in Canada. Can be downloaded from your App Store, comes with Roku and is available through many other including smart TVs, and their original content lineup is outstanding.

For casual gaming, keep an eye out on devices emerging from companies like Razer and Logitech.  Their wireless controllers and Smart TV-friendly input devices are sure to bring gaming to your Smart TV without the need for an expensive Playstation VR or Xbox console.

The Nvidia Shield is the best box for wannabe Android TV owners. Not only does it stream content in 4K HDR, but it plays a whole host of games you won’t find on any other streaming device thanks to Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service. On top of the games and 4K content, you’ll find Amazon Instant Video here (the Shield is the only Android TV device with Amazon) and Google Assistant integration. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s well worth it.

★ A Sweet Update to Nougat: GooBang Doo ABOX MAX TV box runs on the latest Android 7.1.2 OS which adds a handful of new features as well as optimization and bug fixes, rather than being radically different from the Marshmallow 6.0 version. With GooBang Doo’s sleekest user interface, you can quickly find and enjoy the entertainment you are in the mood for.

Bought this Android on Boxing Day and it’s my first time purchasing an Android box so I don’t have much to compare it to. Setting it up was pretty straight forward. You just plug it in and follow the steps to connect it to WiFi and adjust the screen size. Part of the screen was out of bounds so I changed the zoom to 90%. Using the supplied remote control to navigate is doable but it’s 100% easier if you purchase a remote mini keyboard. Not a big deal but the time is only shown when the Android box is powered on and some plugs don’t go all the way into the ports on the box.

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