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The EVANPO Smart TV Box runs on the latest Android version. It’s powered by the Amlogic S912 Octa-Core processor that ensures no lag even when you keep the device on for hours. It delivers one of the best performances on the market.

What if you want to both stream video and play games? Well, you have many choices including Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro or the Xbox One X, but for streaming, I prefer the Nvidia Shield (2017) with its $179 price-tag.

2018 TVPAD 5 M425 BlueTV Latest Model Internet TV Box Media Player TVPAD. NEW BlueTV Internet Live TV Streaming Box Wifi 1080p IPTV TVPad4 IPTV TV BOX 4K. Live streaming any local TV programs for free…

This week at the NAB Show, the annual trade show for people who make video content, virtual reality is going to be everywhere. Condition One, a startup-slash-studio that was earlier to VR filmmaking than most, is making one of the show’s early announcements: a new VR camera called the Bison. This 360 rig is made for the kind of run-and-gun documentary shooting the company’s known for. Or at least the closest you can get to that given the current state of VR tech. It won’t be for sale, but it will be part of the company’s toolkit as it continues to make VR movies—so if you want footage from the camera, you have to hire Condition One to shoot it.

Better HDMI Cable: Instead of 15+1, the HDMI Cable within the setup of this Android TV box makes the use of 17+1 that makes it support the 4K Video streaming. We will be getting good quality resolution along with it.

Sony has all kinds of HDTV sets running Android TV, so we obviously can’t give you all the details on all of them. They start just $699.99, though. And if you want to get fancy, you can pay up to $8,000 for an 85-inch, 4K HDR, XBR model. And let’s not forget those awesome super thin ones!

An Android TV box has the ability to transform any TV into a smart TV, giving users access to television shows, live sports, and movies as well as a multitude of applications and games. The multimedia device can also play music and offers a Web browser for access to the Internet. In order to utilize the benefits of an Android TV box, it is important to understand how to work the device properly.

When it comes to digital cables like HDMI, you rarely need to be concerned about the quality of the cable itself. A digital signal will come through the same no matter how fancy the cable is. The only time you might need a higher bandwidth or top quality cable is if you want to maximize the full power of your newer 4K TV or you have a very long cable run (more than 25ft).

There’s always a slight fear that bargain-basement products have severe limitations, but the Trongle X4 is refreshingly good, with only the minor annoyance. Measuring just 110mm square with a height of 17mm, the Trongle X4 is also one of the smallest set-top boxes that we’ve seen.

Microsoft developed a media player known as ActiveMovie in 1995 that allowed streaming media and included a proprietary streaming format, which was the precursor to the streaming feature later in Windows Media Player 6.4 in 1999. In June 1999 Apple also introduced a streaming media format in its QuickTime 4 application. It was later also widely adopted on websites along with RealPlayer and Windows Media streaming formats. The competing formats on websites required each user to download the respective applications for streaming and resulted in many users having to have all three applications on their computer for general compatibility.

Hi John and Danny! Google Chromecast have been here in the UK for a while. Not officially but through Amazon UK and now on eBay. Amazon USA had a glitch in their global shipping and people could buy it. Later they stopped. I ordered one and got it delivered it in the UK. If would like one from and within UK check this post Chromecast in the UK. The listing has more quantity available by the time I’m posting.

A good compromise between a full HTPC with windows and a limited streaming device is an Android TV box. If you buy a higher end box, you can do most things you can on a windows HTPC and get the benefit of the huge library of apps on the Google Play store.

For the most part, Roku’s voice feature works just fine. You can use it to find specific titles you’re looking for, browse content from a certain actor or director, launch apps and search genres within them, and more. Plus, if you have a Roku TV, you can use your voice to change inputs, go through different broadcast channels, and launch Roku’s Smart Guide.

This is the most expensive Android TV set-top box; but is it worth it? The thing is this is not just a device you buy to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other video services to chill with the family (or friends) on a slow night. It is made for gamers and the price is justifiable to those who will take full advantage of what it can do.

Watch Live TV directly on your device! With the addition of an antenna and a digital tuner, over-the-air HD TV is yours at no extra cost! Great for cutting the cord! Live TV and DVR scheduling is only available on specific platforms.


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    The first thing you want to do is sign up to a VPN service. We recommend using IPVanish and all of our TV boxes comes with the Android app pre-installed. All you need to do is create an IPVanish account then use the username and password that you created when you set up your IPVanish account. By using a VPN you will keep your online activity private. You will also be able to use IPVanish on another 4 other devices at the same time.

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